The perfect place to hideaway


We are rebuilding the SVH. Slow and with the help of some friends only. But better!
The New look will be different, but we will maintain our previous style and environmentally friendly principles.

For 2006 we can offer just 4 rooms and one apartment.
All are ensuite and fully air-conditioned, with sea view



The Siam View Hotel basically disappeared on Boxing Day 2004. But all our guests and staff survived and we had no serious injuries.


A proud achievement considering that we had an all night 25th Full Moon Party!


Our old Thai restaurant, the hub of Arugam Bay for many years is now the oldest surviving wooden structure on the beach; leaning over slightly, but still strong. Described by ITN and CNN as the "only functioning" place this monument has been the centre of all relief activities right from December 26th.

Donated free of charge to all who came to help by the SVH Team.

The Hotel is gone, all of our 25 garden rooms.
But our philosophy and principles are still  the same as always; see below!.
This is why we still have no refurbished & fancy rooms to this day,  one year+ thereafter.



Because we had other priorities and just in case you are not a 'normal 'tourist and you are interested in deeper issues here is an example how we think; even when faced with financial ruin:

We always felt that the following tasks are more important than the creation of an eyewash tourist hotel designed  to impress superficial visitors.


  1. Help our neighbors more poor than us

  2. Look after our loyal staff

  3. Have an early warning system fitted

  4. Fight injustice & corruption

  5. Protect the environment

  6. Establish and maintain communications

  7. Construct infrastructure, access

  8. Ensure electric stand by power

  9. Treat all solids & waste water  properly

  10. Purify all our fresh water supplies

  11. Maintain cool good room temperatures

  12. Serve fine, cold, natural draft beer

  13. Serve wholesome, fresh food only

    All the above is in addition to our long standing principles; some examples:

  14. Using Solar panels for our hot water

  15. Recycle PVC bottles as roof insulation

  16. Have at least two good generators

  17. Using aerated biological waste water purification systems only

  18. Using Solar power to recharge batteries

  19. All our rooms have environmentally friendly aircon systems, some are computer controlled heat pumps

  20. Broadband WiFi covering our area

  21. LAN and SatCom TV connections

  22. Digital phone lines & backup systems

    Happily all  the above this is done now!
    We just started to refurbish our rooms to rent to YOU! But we used all our cash for the above more pressing projects: so please be patient!

    The new look SVH already features innovative mosaic floor marble as a recycled reminder of our broken earlier rooms. Also a mini museum, a beach bar and a new seafood restaurant already exists. If we manage to raise funds plans for  the first proper English Pub on the East Coast  or perhaps even a small discotheque are in our mind.

    For one full year and a quarter  not one rupee has been received by us from any organization claiming to "Help rebuilding" homes, businesses, enterprises and  in Sri Lanka.

  23. Indeed, there is an interesting ongoing dialog with some of the so called "active" NGO's.

  24. Our first ever assistance came in March, 2006 from the Marlborough District 1100 Rotary Club of Great Britain. These kind people made the repairs of our large generator possible.

  25. The SVH at Arugam Bay now has a good stand-by power again, cool deep freezers and cold rooms as well as good  power for the innovative Tsunami Early Warning System and its sirens.



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