Future in Arugam Bay and the Siam View Hotel

On Christmas 2004 several tsunami waves damaged the Siam View Hotel by about 90%. Most other places in Arugam are destroyed too, more or less. Some are completely gone. Our, new concrete extension building saved our live. This structure was only completed a few days before the Tsunami, but never used until April this year following refurbishment.

Nobody at the Siam View Hotel died.
Nobody was actually seriously injured either.
Very lucky, but also a bit of good planning and sound construction techniques.
Only one room was not damaged, we call this one the "Tsunami suite".

We learned out of the past. The new Siam View will build more concrete in the main parts.

Our garden today (left & right photos) and before (middle) the Tsunami. 25 out of 26 Rooms, our beach bungalows and Cabanas are gone with the sea.

Due to the presence of a well known Chartered Engineer a design study of the first purpose built structure is already being build. This extension is designed to withstand a similar if not higher magnitude of devastation and should be a model for all future tourist hotels, saving lives without the requirement to relocate to higher ground.

Main places are  planned for handicapped peoples and there are facilities for wellness treatments connected with a small clinic in our mind too. Already there is an internet cafe. One good bar and restaurant always remained open, but others are in the planning stage; better places to meet each other.  

Snooker tables and other sports equipment are still in Germany waiting for shipment.

A peaceful multi cultural place with open doors for everybody. That what's the Siam View Hotel will be in the future in the same way as the Siam View Hotel was before. 

Always in the past the Siam View Hotel was like a engine for the entire Bay.
In fact already more that 20 families rely on the income from full time employment of the SVH; in the main season we looked after about 180 locals; generated income for all of them, directly and indirectly.

For the future we need support and financial assistance.

Without we are not able to realize the rebuild of this nice place.

We are not able to rebuild out of our own recourses, they are gone too, mainly to help others more poor that us at the time.